Iberian Cebo field shoulder 50% Iberian breed La vega de Salvatierra



Here is the Spanish Iberian shoulder type elaborated with great attention for the most demanding palates because these pigs are raised in fields in the open air.

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With this shoulder of Iberian Cebo ham reared in the Fields near Salamanca (Spain), these Iberian pigs are carefully reared and fed with grains, cereals and legumes. These Iberian pigs are reared on the farm and in the field. All this work of more than two years refining subjected to a traditional process of salting and drying, gives it an intense and characteristic aroma, for the most demanding who whose flavors explode in the mouth when you put it in the mouth. Preparation of your order in 48 hours + 7 days for Ireland and the rest of the EEC. Only shipping in EEC.

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