Our concept focuses on distribution for professionals in the distribution of wines and beverages for export..

When we receive your order online we check that the order respect the palletization and we confirm that you can make your bank transfer. From this moment we have 4 working days to make the expedition (except if a reference is missing in which there would be delay + 3 days).

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For the export we propose 2 services
The prices are calculated according to the palletization of the products for example the products of pallets of 5 levels are put on the same pallet and the products of pallets of 7 levels are put on the same pallet.

Example of palletizing several reference

For exportation.
1- We can make shipments by route in Europe.

We offer the option: Discount

If you are in Europe, we will inform you about the price of the transport.
We can also deliver at our logistics points near the border with France or Portugal. And you only have to manage transportation with your transport agency or our international transport agency

 We propose the ZEN option

We deliver your merchandise directly to your company, you keep the pallets.

2- We can ship by sea.

We prefer to deliver in a freight forwarder exwork in the port of Valencia (Spain) so that he can do the loading FOB and Freight. If you do not know a freight forwarder, we can contact for you.

We do not sell CFR