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Jumilla wine of Castillo San Simon Blanco with an alcoholic content of 13% has a yellow straw color with greenish and brilliant tones. Its aroma is fruity with tones of banana and apple, usually grape varieties. The palate is light, balanced and acidic. This D.O. Jumilla wine is ideal to accompany seafood, fish and light dishes.

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Castillo San Simon rosé wine with an alcohol content of 13% has a strawberry pink color of average intensity. It is a fruity wine with aromas of raspberry and ripe fruit. The palate is acidic, dry, light and very fresh. This Castillo San Simon Rosé wine D.O. Jumilla, is ideal for accompanying rice dishes, fish, seafood and white meats.

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Wine Jumilla Castillo San Simon has a 13% alcohol degree has a dark cherry red color characteristic of aging, its aroma is complex, highlighting spicy notes of vanilla, cinnamon and coffee, fruity aromas and those aging. On the palate it is tasty, round and expressive, this Crianza DO Jumilla is ideal to accompany red and roasted meats.

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Castillo San Simon red wine with a 13% alcohol content has a ruby ??red color with carmine tones, clean and shiny middle layer. Its aroma is fresh and fruity, keeping all the qualities of the Monastrell variety. in the mouth it is light, tasty and easy to drink and can be served with the daily dishes of our table.

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